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Dr. T. Colin Campbell - Lecture: What History Tells About Our Present State of Nutrition Knowledge

Dr. T. Colin Campbell - Lecture: What History Tells About Our Present State of Nutrition Knowledge

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Lecture: What History Tells About Our Present State of Nutrition Knowledge
During 1985-1986, I spent a year sabbatical leave at the University of Oxford (UK), primarily working with my colleagues who were principals in the diet, nutrition and disease mortality study in rural China that 20 years later led to The China Study. The findings from that survey were indicating considerable consistency with what I had been learning in the laboratory. These findings also were consistent with my membership on the small group who had written the widely disseminated National Academy of Sciences report on Diet, Nutrition and Cancer in 1982. Because this evolving knowledge was quite provocative for many people, both in science and in the policy arena, it was beginning to stir a lot of emotions, so much so that I spent much of my time in Oxford and London libraries trying to understand why our perspectives on nutrition were so antagonistic. I wrote a rather lengthy history of the period from about 1800 to 1960, when NIH research funding surged to create the present mountain of information that has led to the pills-and-procedures method of modern medicine now so common in today’s society.