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Dr. Michael Klaper - Lecture: “Leaky Gut”, Probiotics and You

Dr. Michael Klaper - Lecture: “Leaky Gut”, Probiotics and You

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Lecture: “Leaky Gut”, Probiotics and You
“Leaky Gut” is a funny-sounding condition, but not so funny if you have it, because it can lead to serious diseases, from asthma and arthritis to autoimmune disease and autism. In this presentation, Dr. Klaper probes this “hidden epidemic” and makes clear what it is, how it can be avoided and how you can repair your gut lining if it has been damaged. Along the way, the role of the microbiome and probiotics will be explored, so you will know how to put beneficial microorganisms to work for your health, deep within your digestive system. Since our microbiome affects everything in our body, including mental and emotional processes, this lecture is a must-see for everyone who wants to optimize their health, or who just want to learn more about this fascinating subject.