Dr. Lawrence Kushi - Keynote: The Basis for Food, Nutrition and Cancer Prevention Guidelines View larger

Dr. Lawrence Kushi - Food Choices and More in Health

Dr. Lawrence Kushi - Food Choices and More in Health

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As principal investigator of three NIH-funded research projects with combined budgets of over $5 million, Dr. Kushi is at the forefront of discovering new knowledge through research on lifestyle factors in cancer epidemiology and prognosis. The focuses of these studies are on breast cancer prognosis and environmental factors in breast cancer prevention. Through these studies and others, the importance not just of the food you eat, but also of physical activity, social support, and the social and built environment in optimizing health is being uncovered. Learn about some of these and other findings as we explore some of the questions that are resulting in ecologic, multifactorial and interdependent perspectives on health and well-being.