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Chef AJ - Lecture: How to Eat Healthfully - ANYWHERE!

Chef AJ - Lecture: How to Eat Healthfully - ANYWHERE!

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Many of us eat pretty healthfully when we are at home. And it’s super easy to eat healthy when we’re sailing with the Holistic Holiday at Sea. But what about when we aren’t at home or are taking other vacations? From the candy dish at the office to the buttered popcorn at the movie theater, there is temptation pretty much everywhere we turn. And as a vegan, going to parties, dining at restaurants or eating at other people’s homes who aren’t vegan can sometimes be a challenge. And what about traveling? How can you find anything healthy to eat at the Memphis airport? This can be challenging enough when you’re merely a vegan, but what if you have further dietary restrictions such as Kosher or gluten-free, or you have food allergies? Chef AJ has many of these restrictions too, yet she has mastered all of these situations with her usual aplomb and will give you time-tested tips and tricks so that you can eat healthfully ANYWHERE!