Bianka Steinfeldt - Class: Pilates Level 1-2 Beginner/Intermediate View larger

Bianka Steinfeldt - Class: Pilates Level 1

Bianka Steinfeldt - Class: Pilates Level 1

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Class: Pilates Level 1
Incorporating the fundamentals of Pilates, this class follows the classical beginner mat order, created by Joseph Pilates, and is appropriate for all students. We stick to his system—why mess with the best, it has been around for over 88 years!

We all know that any real program designed to make a serious change must go straight to the core! This mat Pilates class will teach you the fundamental Pilates work, using your body weight for resistance, as well as the classical language used in this style of Pilates. Your body alignments will improve, thus enhancing breathing, circulation, flexibility, balance, muscle tone, energy and mental concentration.

Pilates also helps with recovery and prevention of injuries. Letting your mind and body connect with every breath and move.