Christina Pirello

Christina Pirello is the Emmy Award winning host of the national public television series, ‘Christina Cooks.’ The first pivotal point in her life (and there have been many) came at age 26, after being diagnosed with terminal leukemia. She decided to forgo conventional medical therapies, turned to a macrobiotic approach to living and cured herself. For the last twenty-one years, Christina has been teaching cooking classes, conducting lifestyle seminars and lecturing on the power of food in our lives. Even if people think she’s nuts (but nice...and really funny), they never think of food in the same way again...which is her goal.

The author of six bestselling, award-winning cookbooks, Christina is considered somewhat irreverent and rebellious by many of her macrobiotic contemporaries. Nothing could please her more. Rocking the boat, creating revolution, making us think…and laugh, instead of blindly following theory and dogma is what inspires Christina’s work the most (backed up by experienced knowledge of Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and conventional nutrition). Her philosophy is simple: living a whole and healthy life should make us joyful, free, passionate and open, with gratitude for every blessing, every challenge, every moment, every breath.

Christina is on the faculty of The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College, where she serves as a professor of culinary arts and nutrition. She also serves on the board of The Farm Market Trust, The Philadelphia Green Council and is a rabid environmentalist and political activist.

Christina holds both her Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Fine Arts from the University of Miami and was awarded a Master’s degree in Food Nutrition in 2003.

Cooking Boot Camp: The Joy of Plant-based Cooking - $150/person, 2 hrs. 30 min.
There isn't one detail of cooking that doesn’t enchant me. Julia Child once called cooking a life skill and said its importance should never be trivialized. Cooking is more than combining ingredients so that we can eat. Cooking is not just a time-consuming chore, but rather a healing, nourishing meditation and how we make our love manifest. We honor the ingredients...and each preparing food with mindful consideration. Cooking makes our lives whole. Finding pleasure in the process of cooking, from shopping to cleaning, the slicing and dicing, the sautéing and simmering, we experience joy for joy’s sake...not in anticipation of the reward of the meal. From knife skills to basic techniques, cooking styles, and tips and tricks, this workshop will turn your passion for cooking from simmer to boiling over.

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