Angelica Kushi

Angelica Kushi is a yoga teacher, health & wellness coach, aerial performer and stunt woman. Born and raised in a macrobiotic home, her education stems from a lifetime of living a holistic lifestyle. Specializing in creating a relaxed and easeful approach to health, her formal training is from the Kushi Institute, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and extensive studies in yoga and Tibetan Buddhism with the Asian Classic Institute and Yoga Studies Institute. Her passion is to provide people with easy and inspiring ways to live a healthy lifestyle so they can live out their wildest dreams.

Class: Vinyasa Flow Yoga Level I
If you are new to yoga or want to deepen your practice, this basic yoga class is for you. You will get a crash course in the foundations of the yoga philosophy and physical postures with clear instructions to get your body in proper alignment for a better energy flow.

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