Nancy Montuori

Nancy Montuori is a leading proponent of a plant-based diet and its ability to prevent and reverse disease. In 2011, Nancy became a vegan chef and advocate for healthy living. She began chronicling her journey and delicious recipes in her blog called “Ordinary Vegan.” Ordinary Vegan became a beacon for people seeking a healthy lifestyle, and her delicate approach to a vegan life has helped thousands of people and created a legion of fans.

Nancy was educated in plant-based nutrition by a variety of experts and earned her plant-based nutrition certificate in 2012. Nancy teaches plant-based nutrition, health and cooking classes.

How To Get Optimum Nutrition on a Plant-Based Diet - $100/person, 55 min.
Plant-based food can meet all your nutritional needs if you incorporate the most essential nutrients into your daily meals. Learn about the most worrisome vitamin and mineral deficiencies and how to make sure you include them in your daily diet. Nancy Montuori is certified in plant-based nutrition and is the women behind the popular podcast and blog Ordinary Vegan and plant-based nutrition course, Health Eating and Living With Plants. You will leave your session inspired, informed and with a complete understanding of optimum nutrition on a plant-based diet.

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