Marcella Torres

Physique athlete, dancer and mother to a thriving vegan child, Marcella Torres adopted a 100% plant-based diet in 2001 at the age of 19. Half of the husband and wife team of competitive bodybuilders behind popular blog Vegan Muscle and Fitness at, she is also co-owner of plant-based personal training studio Root Force, which seeks to promote a fit and active plant-powered lifestyle and shatter the perception that strength and athleticism can't be achieved with a plant-based diet. An alumnus of the Plantbuilt team of competitive vegan bodybuilders, Marcella is a regular contributor to Vegan Health and Fitness magazine and co-author of The Vegan Muscle & Fitness Guide to Bodybuilding Competitions.

Currently, Marcella is also a part-time professional dancer and instructor and is earning a PhD in mathematical biology, studying human metabolism. She resides in Richmond, Virginia, with husband Derek Tresize and their three-year-old son, where they have worked extensively in that community with local school systems, urban organizations and more to promote a healthy lifestyle. Their mission: to generate as many fit vegan role models as possible to get the message across that a plant-based diet isn't a handicap in the world of athletics - it's an advantage!

Class: Healthy, Happy, Hips
Hips are one of the major areas where we hold tension in the body, and sitting for long periods can really tighten this area and cause imbalances that lead to chronic discomfort and even injury. Learn hip stabilizing, strengthening, and stretching exercises that you can easily perform as part of your regular fitness routine during this continuous flow of movement to music.

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