Yogi Desai - Blame, Shame & Guilt: The Need to Forgive View larger

Yogi Desai - Blame, Shame & Guilt: The Need to Forgive

Yogi Desai - Blame, Shame & Guilt:  The Need to Forgive

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Forgiveness can be a tool to achieve peace and harmony or, forgiveness becomes just another mindgame, a tool for judging another. With blame we hold another at fault and in shame we hold ourselves at fault. Expecting anyone or anything to be a certain way to make you happy is an offense to reality. That dependency on another for happiness demands that you control or manipulate another to get what you want and when you don’t get it, you hold them responsible and create a situation that needs things you are judging and blaming another for, this is true forgiveness. When you accept yourself and the other as they are there are no grounds for is no need for forgiveness. You have entered the oneness where I am at peace with myself as I am and the world as it is.