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Robert Cheeke & Koya Webb - Exercise & Nutrition For Energy

Robert Cheeke & Koya Webb - Exercise & Nutrition For Energy

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Everybody wants to have more energy, right? After all, that is often one of the barriers between where we are and where we want to be in terms of our health. We’re over-stressed and over-worked and short on energy to do what we really want to do. The lack of energy keeps us from being as active as we’d like and our fitness can suffer as a result. Well, that is about to change. Join plant-based athletes/authors Koya Webb and Robert Cheeke for an inspiring and informational presentation designed to get you moving and fueled up on high-energy foods for an active lifestyle. In this class you’ll learn which foods provide the most energy, and how you can make shopping accessible and affordable regardless of where you are, as Koya and Robert demonstrate exercises you can do nearly anywhere, anytime to stay fit yearround. No need to bring workout gear—just be prepared to learn from this energetic presentation. Informational charts and handouts will be available at the presentation.Proper exercise shoes and clothing attire required. Exercises will be at varying levels of intensity, based on each individual's interest and experience.