Yogi Desai – Stress, The Invisible Silent Stalker View larger

Yogi Desai - Stress, The Invisible Silent Stalker

Yogi Desai – Stress, The Invisible Silent Stalker

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Stress is violence against yourself. You are the predator and the prey. Under stress we see problems instead of solutions. When you carry stress and conflict within you, it is created wherever you go, with everyone you meet, and through everything you do. Stress is epidemic. It is the invisible underlying cause of common physical and emotional-based disorders that surface as symptoms of cancer, hypertension, insomnia and anxiety.

85% of all health problems are caused by stress. Psychosomatic stress creates conflicts that cause degenerative self-destructive physical, mental and emotional disorders and habit patterns. Stress is their hidden cause. When you remove the “cause,” all the symptoms you experience as effects begin to heal and disappear.

Live life in a Zero Stress Zone, relaxed and free from stress-producing, conflicting forces of thoughts, feelings and emotions. Integrative relaxation creates balance and harmony and unleashes the self-healing, restorative, regenerative wisdom of the body: increasing digestive fire, accelerating metabolic and catabolic processes, and restoring health and vitality.