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Yogi Desai - You Can Only Heal What You Can Feel

Yogi Desai – You Can Only Heal What You Can Feel

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Often we do not know the difference between the words “feeling” and “feelings.” When “I feel” I am in touch with reality. Feeling is impersonal. Feelings are personal. Through feelings we distort our perception of reality. When we are mentally and emotionally preoccupied with feelings, they block our capacity to feel.

Feelings are in response to our mental and emotional reactions against a feeling that is present. Being conscious allows us to detect feelings that are psychosomatic in origin from the feeling that is biological. Feelings create a separation of the ego mind from the wisdom of the body within. Feelings are antagonistic to our physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing. Feeling directly connects us to the wisdom of the body and allows us to live in response to our biological needs for sustenance, survival, health and wellbeing. This is fundamental to the restorative, regenerative self-healing wisdom of the body.

When you learn the secret of how to create a quantum leap from feelings to feeling, it can create a shift from living with your pre-programmed self-image to the Self or god within. Converting feelings to feeling creates an opening to the being that you are.