Nina Villalonga

Nina Villalonga chose massage therapy as her form of service before she was conscious enough to realize it, having comforted and nurtured her family by massaging them throughout her adolescence. During her teenage years she lost sight of this passion only to have it rekindled a few years later after a car accident lead her to undergo recovery treatment via massage therapy. After two years of self-care and seeing extensive benefits, she decided to attend Educating Hands School of Massage Therapy.

Deep Tissue Massage - $200/person, 75 min.
A mix between gentle yet sustained and firm pressure, this modality aims at relieving pain and stress and increasing mobility.

Swedish Massage - $175/person, 75 min.
Long, smooth strokes are used to increase circulation and relax the nervous system, which in turn benefits every aspect of the body.

Fantastic Four Massage and Foot Reflexology - $200/person, 75 min.
This treatment dedicates more time to the head, face, neck and hands and ends with reflexology of the feet. This combination aims at paying more detailed attention to areas that are often neglected, resulting in tension relief and nerve stimulation. Specifically, foot reflexology aids in increasing immunity, energy and internal organ stimulation.

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