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Ginat Rice adopted a macrobiotic way of life in Jerusalem in 1980. She completed Level IV studies at the Kushi Institute and was co-owner of Boston’s Satori Natural Foods Restaurant. Ginat is a certified macrobiotic counselor and shiatsu therapist, and she specializes in hand analysis and palmistry. She contributes frequently to macrobiotic journals and has lectured at Kushi Institute summer conferences, GOMF summer camps, the One World Festival in England, the Belgium Summer School program, the Pacific Macrobiotic Conference and International Conferences for Macrobiotic Educators. With her husband, Sheldon, she teaches, lectures and directs macrobiotic activities in Israel. Ginat is the author of Food, Faith & Healing: 40 Stories of Cancer Recovery and co-author of the cookbook, Macrobiotic Meals, both available online. Visit Ginat at

Private Palmistry Hand Analysis - $130/person, 45 min.
The art and science of palmistry hand analysis is based on an understanding that the part reflects the whole. It addresses both physical and psychological health, revealing our personality and the direction we are taking toward our fate. An analysis unveils conscious and even subconscious early childhood experiences and their adult manifestations today. Ginat's hand readings incorporate macrobiotic principles of balance, diagnosis and food-body correlation to corroborate and clarify personal life direction and meaning, all clearly revealed on the palm. The result is an accurate and fascinating understanding of oneself based on traits of early childhood behavior expressed in present habits. Knowing is halfway to changing. You are welcome to record our conversation and bring others to accompany you as observers and scribes.

Combination Package of Private Palmistry Hand Analysis with Ginat Rice & Numerology Reading with Sheldon Rice – $200/person, 90 min.

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