Robin Queen Finkelstein

Robin Queen Finkelstein, The Slow Medicine Therapist (, is a certified psycho-spiritual counselor, ordained minister and green living specialist, as well as the founder of Transformational Touch healing modality. The co-founder of SunRaven: The Home of Slow Medicine (, Robin facilitates individual, couple, family, and group therapy sessions and workshops – teaching that our wounds can, paradoxically, serve as fertile soil for awakening, transforming and blossoming. Robin additionally guides individuals through their own unique journeys into wholeness and invites clients to express themselves purely and authentically while offering numerous support tools for doing so in a way that is safe and nourishing. Accordingly, clients have the opportunity to experience a healing alchemy that leads to a whole-being metamorphosis.

Slow Medicine Therapy - $250/person, $300/couple, 60 min.
Robin has practiced Slow Medicine Therapy for over 30 years. She has blended multiple styles of counseling and mediation (without diagnosing) in order to create an effective model for helping people understand their true needs. Through simple techniques, Robin allows individuals and couples to access their own inner wisdom, in order to gently bring forward the clarity of our own life experience. Her process creates a secure environment for the person to naturally discover their truth, and their ability to connect this in every area of their life. Unlike many long-term styles of therapy, Robin’s unique process is accessible immediately, and her tools can be learned and applied even after 1 session. She is a natural born nurturer, a master of emotional intelligence, and deeply skilled in understanding feelings.      

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