Jane Stanchich

Jane Stanchich is a macrobiotic teacher, counselor and chef with over 20 years of experience. A licensed nutritionist, Ms. Stanchich served on the faculty of the Kushi Institute and is an international teacher of macrobiotic health principles. This former public-school teacher is a certified yoga instructor and proponent of active exercise.

Along with her husband, Lino, she teaches at schools, health centers, universities, and corporations in her hometown of Asheville, N.C., and throughout the US and Europe. Ms. Stanchich is a regularly featured writer in the magazine Christina Cooks! and contributor to many others. She has consulted with the Ritz-Carlton Hotel’s Macrobiotic Program and the Kellogg School of Public Health at Northwestern University. She is an editor and co-producer of her husband’s books, audios, and videos, and also appears on the Do-In video and Laughter Therapy audio. Jane recently produced two macrobiotic cooking videos and is writing her first cookbook.

Lecture: What Is Eating You? Overcoming Emotional Eating
Each of us is a precious soul, a worthy human being, who deserves health, joy and success. Yet, emotional blocks and old memories can stand in the way of our fulfillment and achievement. Our thoughts can "eat" at us and weigh us down, therefore it serves us to look at these recurring thoughts, consider them, then save the empowering and discard the negative beliefs. This class offers a highly organized and effective program to conquer excess weight and defeat negative self-programming. Join Jane Stanchich, Licensed Nutritionist and motivational speaker, as we each explore our emotions and beliefs around eating in this dynamic, supportive and meaningfully interactive workshop. What is eating you? What are you hungry for deep in your soul? Join us to discover this journey to love within yourself.

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