Susan Krieger

Susan Krieger, L.Ac., MS, has been a senior macrobiotic counselor and educator for over 30 years. Nationally Board Certified in acupuncture and acupressure (Asian bodywork) and an AOBTA certified shiatsu instructor/practitioner, she is renowned for compassionately helping clients and students regain and maintain their optimal health and balance. Susan has worked closely with Michio and Aveline Kushi, Shizuko Yamamoto, and Dr. John Shen, and she has studied and taught qi-gong, energy healing, diagnosis, and shiatsu acupressure in China and the Himalayas.

Author of numerous articles on Oriental medicine and holistic healing, she maintains her practice in Manhattan and the Hamptons (including celebrity clients), and presents workshops internationally, e.g., the UN, hospitals, health and women’s organizations, bodywork and acupuncture schools.

Acupressure/Shiatsu Massage, Hands-On with Energy Balancing, Diagnosis and Health Guidance, $195/person, 50 min.
An opportunity to deeply relax and de-stress. Susan’s unique, healing, hands-on treatments are tailored to your individual needs for vital health of body and mind. Using facial, energy and Chinese pulse diagnosis, Susan will treat your body with various hands on gentle therapeutic methods and techniques, give you personalized health guidance, breathing exercises, meridian stretches and ki energy balancing. Susan’s treatments will help you rejuvenate your physical and emotional health, energy and wellness, release pains and blockages, increase flexibility, improve sleep and digestion, lower blood pressure, and connect you with your higher self!

Acupressure Hands-On Facial and Body Rejuvenation Anti-Aging Treatment Massage, $250/person, 50 min.
Don't miss this opportunity to rejuvenate and beautify yourself inside and out. Susan's famous hands-on techniques stimulate the flow of energy, collagen, and oxygen to the face, clearing stress lines, tightening loose skin and creating a wonderful facial glow! Your session also includes shiatsu/acupressure treatment on special body and meridian points to strengthen your inner balance. Along with her famous healing hands, Susan uses organic, plant-based, fragrance-free lotions. Health and nutritional anti-aging tips are included.

Acupuncture Treatment with Visual & Pulse Diagnosis and Health Guidance, $195/person, 50 min.
Clear your body and mind the old-fashioned way! Experience Susan’s unique and gentle style of traditional Asian acupuncture (using Chinese and Japanese techniques) for your specific physical, mental and spiritual needs and concerns. Susan works with you to reduce your stress and fatigue; clear pains; lower blood pressure; improve digestion, sleep, weight concerns, and allergies; and help move you into a more centered state of being. Your session includes an intake, discussion, assessment of pulses and visual diagnosis, energy balancing, gentle meridian balancing stretches, and health guidance.

Women’s Macrobiotic Health, Nutrition and Empowerment Consultation, $350/person, 90 min.
Come to this session to learn exciting ways to empower your health of body and mind – and your life! Susan will support and guide you with any of your individual issues related to health, healing, foods, emotions and life balance. Whatever your age or life stage, you will receive the benefit of Susan’s intuitive abilities and many years of personal and professional experience to move you toward more dynamic health and fuller empowerment. Included is an intake, discussion and health assessment based on Oriental pulse taking and visual diagnosis, personalized dietary and lifestyle recommendations.

Note: All consultations start at the available time-slot, however they may end sooner depending on the purchased consultation option.

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